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How to Join

Read our HERO Campaign College Program Guidebook for complete details about how to become a successful HERO Campaign College Campus.

Click the image below to download instantly!


When promoting the HERO Campaign College Program and the John R. Elliott HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers it is important to use all logos and slogans properly. Any changes to logos or slogans is prohibited.


6 Ways to be a Great HERO Campaign Campus!


Get Support

If you are a Student

  • Secure a faculty or staff advisor to assist in you creating a HERO Club or committee.  You will need their information in order to sign up your school. We suggest administrators from Student Affairs, Public Safety, Drug and Alcohol Education.
  • Find other interested students to help! We suggest students in Greek Life, Student Government, Peer Educators.
  • You can also be an established club on campus that is choosing to have HERO as their community outreach or philanthropy.

If you are a Faculty or Staff  member, Campus Police or Administrator

  • Get together some interested students to help.
  • Seek a club or greek organization looking for community outreach opportunities
The HERO Campaign College Program has seen the most success in students and administrators working together to bring the HERO Campaign to the forefront of their campus.


Create a list of ideas for a kick-off event and additional awareness & fundraising events for your first semester on campus.

Take a look at our list of proven and suggested events and sample timelines to get an idea of what might work for your campus.


Submit your Sign Up form

Click here to access

  • Once submitted, you will receive a school account through the HERO College Campaign website to login and talk with other schools and access important documents and instructions on how to keep HERO going on your campus.

Recruit Students to Join

Have students create an account through

This will allow them to talk with other schools and students through online forums.

Note: A forum (individual) login is different than a school login. A school has access to additional documents while an individual can only access forums.

Host an Event!

For each event you host, login into your HERO Campaign school account via the website, and submit your event forms and evaluations. This lets the HERO Campaign know what materials you may need and any support we can provide you in the planning process.

Have fun!

Take pictures at your events, think outside of the box, and remember to


Be a HERO. Be a Designated Driver. ®


Proven HERO Events! (PDF)

Sample Timeline (PDF)

Questions on how to get things started? Contact